YRSR Drymix is well formulated factory made ready to use Polymerized Drymix Plaster which can be used for External Plastering, Internal Plastering, Ceiling Plastering and as a part of Water Proofing activity. YRSR Drymix can be effectively and efficiently used for plastering on Red Clay Bricks, Fly Ash Bricks, Concrete Blocks, AAC Light weight Blocks and other types of Light weight Blocks. It is a cement-based and water-resistant plaster which is ready to use by just adding required quantity of water at site. It is predominantly manufactured for replacement of traditional / conventional site-mixed plaster made of cement and sand, gypsum plaster. StUCCO plaster or any other premixed/ready-mixed plaster offered in the country. Surface plaster with YRSR Drymix gives strong even finish on which tiling, painting or Marble / Granite fixing can done with speed and efficiency. YRSR Drymix is manufactured by M/s Precise Conchem Pvt. Ltd., at their plant located at GIDC Panoli, Bharuch District of Gujrat in an automated process according to formualtions based on various products studies and research undertaken. The plant is one of the most modern Plants in India, in which all the critical manufacturing processes and operations are completely controlled by P.L.C Systems(Programmed Logic Controller).

The plant has the capacity to produce 25,000 bags @ 40 kg per bag of Polymerized Drymix Mortar/Plaster per day. This plant can be remotely monitored through CCTV cameras installed within the plant area. The company assures, seamless supply of 100% consistent high quality mortars and plasters at all point of times, round the year. Features: YRSR Drymix Plaster offers high quality strong and durable plastered is applied. Usage of YRSR Drymix makes material reconciliation easier for construction projects as against the usage of traditional site mix plaster with sand and cement mixture. It is easier to use by just adding required quantity of water, at site. YRSR Drymix reduces wastage, shrinkage, leakage and cracks formation to very great extend because of Performance Enhancing Proprietary Additives, Classified & Processed Fly Ash and Modified Polypropylene Fibers are added to it. All the ingredients are properly and uniformly blended in YRSR Drymix compared to the traditional site mix plaster. YRSR Drymix site mix plaster is free from impurities like Silt, Clay, etc. It provides a well compacted homogenous mix of plaster, due to proper gradation and proportioning of river sand in the automated process. Use of YRSR Drymix plaster ensures substantial saving of time and labor costs in all consumption projects. YRSR Drymix is the result of extensive product development through in-house R&D department and tie-ups with various structural consultants. This product has proportionate quantities of Ordinary Portland Cement. The company has well-equipped in-house labortary where various tests like Compressive Strength Test. Sieve-Analysis test Water: Cement Ratio Test, etc. are carried out with samples from product taken every 2000 bags. Additives Performance enhancing Proprietary additives to improve: Water Retention Strength & Durability Anti – Sagging Water Resistant.

Reduce Costs

YRSR Ready Mix Plaster with its greater compactness and inherent strength ensures substantial reduction in repairs and maintenance costs, while also enhancing life of the paint.

Saves Time

With its matchless features and properties, YRSR Ready Mix Plaster sets faster and requires less mixing time.This means that the construction gets completed quickly to meet scheduled timelines.

Saves Water

Water consumption during construction is less as compared to traditional plaster.

Excellent Workability

It is a ready to use plaster with smart finish.

Superior Quality

Best in class particle size distribution provides superior quality.

Excellent Measurement

Correct Quantity & less wastage of materials.

Better Impermeability

Highly impermeable water tight surface obtained due to improved grading.

Mortar Ratio

No hassle of maintaining mortar ratio.

Highly Durab

Parameter Specifications
Appearance Silica Sand
Aggregate Well graded river-sand
Basic Binder Ordinary Portland Cement
Additives Quality water soluble additives for better bounding and strength
Bulk Density 1.5-1.8 kg/ Litre
Pot Life 1-2 Hours
Water Ratio 17-19% by weight
Compressive Strength As per IS 4031-Part-6
Coverage For 10 to 12mm thickness on block masonry coverage is approx. 16 to 17 sq.ft.

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Cement Mix Plaster

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